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        This year's conference will feature a full schedule of technical presentations. Abstracts for this year's presentations will be posted here as they become available.

        Click on the title of any abstract to view. Connect with our authors by clicking on their name to be redirected to their Linkedin Profile.  


        Automation Working Group


                            Author: Adam Chapman

                            Authors: Michael Tay & Celso Axelrud

                            Authors: Roberto Linares, Ph.D. & Prabal Acharyya


        Drives & Related Products Working Group


                            Author: Matt Zwick

                            Author: Ashok Amin

                            Author: Navid Binesh

                            Author: Gary Bankay


        Environmental, Energy & Sustainability Working Group


                            Authors: Luis Rodriguez & Branden Barry

                            Authors: Gerald Ayling & Ross Phillips

                            Author: Luis J. Castano

                            Authors: Kirk McDonald & George Hartman, Jr.

                            Authors: Robert VanDurme, P.E. & Marek Serafin

                            Author: Yit-Hong Tee, PhD

                            Author: Don Allen

                            Author: Robin Manzer


        General Practices Working Group


                            Authors: Guillermo Etse & Veronica Buncuga & Andres Danert

                            Authors: Manuel Sanchez & Ronald Nikoleyczik & Jose Venegas

                            Authors: Samira Rashidi & Stefan Diedenhofen & Alan Simmons

                            Authors: Syed Suhail Akhtar & Tahir Abbas & Paul Rogers


        Power Generation, Distribution and Related Products Working Group


                            Authors: Matthew P. Ellis, PE & Vignesh Palanichamy, PE & Dr. Navin Shenoy

                            Author: Xavier d'Hubert

                            Author: Tim Noss

                            Authors: Dan Sauer, P.E. & Matthew R. Hussey & Scott Brady

                            Authors: Tim Faber & Anthony Parsons


        Maintenance & Safety Working Group  


                            Author: John Kline