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        Spouse/Companion registration is required to attend the awards banquet, access to the exhibit hall and special tours. Registration cost is $315. Registration is done by clicking the blue "Register Now" button and select Spouse as the registration type.

        This year's spouse/companion program will offer an exciting itinerary giving each participant an opportunity to experience beautiful Las Vegas. 


        Day 1

        Welcome to the Show - World of Imagination

        Celestia is the crown jewel of the circus experience, an imaginative show in a unique venue. A fantastical blend of carnival and spectacle, this venue features wild, outlandish acts where you’re as close to the action as you can possibly get with this private event. You will experience a day in the life of a performer as you engage and interact with the entertainers from Celestia. Lunch will be served on the stage, creating a truly exclusive, elevated experience that is unparalleled. You will learn the arts of the circus and the trade secrets to creating unique makeup designs that are perfect for a Vegas performer!

        Day 2


        At Viva Las Vegas, the deluxe shopping experience, you will experience the very best outlets at this top notch shopping destination. First, you will make your way to the Bellagio where you will get a chance to explore the beautiful Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, followed by a little retail therapy at the designer brand stores at the Bellagio signature shops. You will be in retail heaven as you browse Chanel, Dior, Fendi, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and many more. You will then make your way to the LINQ Promenade, where you will dine and then hop aboard the High Roller in small groups. The High Roller ride lasts approximately 30 minutes where you will enjoy breathtaking views of Las Vegas from 550 feet up in the air. Once you disembark, you can explore the LINQ Promenade shops and nearby outlets before making your way back to the hotel.

        Day 3

        Sights & Bites

        Kick off the first day of tours with a bang with some of the best sights and bites that Las Vegas has to offer. First, you will get picked up from the MGM Grand in luxury transportation and make your way to the iconic Welcome to Las Vegas Sign, where you will hop off and take photos to capture the moment. Once the group is ready to depart, the tour guides will beckon you back to the vehicles to embark on your journey from the south end of the Strip to the north end, sharing fun facts and tidbits of the history of Las Vegas as you enjoy the ride. For lunch, make sure to get your taste buds ready for an amazing walking food tour, which includes the most popular signature dishes from the hottest restaurants in the revitalized Downtown Las Vegas. As you walk from place to place, your guide will provide an insider’s view into Downtown Las Vegas’ historic past. You are treated like a VIP in this experience as you are escorted directly to the chef’s table.